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1pc Wristband Compression Support Elastic Adjustable Wrist Brace

1pc Wristband Compression Support Elastic Adjustable Wrist Brace

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1.This wristband has dual pressure and elasticity, with an elastic compression band wrapped around it to relieve wrist pain. It is designed to protect and stabilize the wrist through gentle pressure during exercise and training.
2.It has a flexible and adjustable design, which can adjust the pressure, making it easy for users to control and use, and can be adjusted for different usage scenarios.
3.Its super comfortable materials make it very comfortable to wear, with strong sweat absorption and breathability, allowing you to exercise without feeling constrained and wear it for a long time without sweating.
4.Support sprains, myositis, carpal tunnel arthritis, and pain relief. With this wrist guard, you can protect your wrist while sleeping or performing repetitive tasks such as typing and using a mouse.
5.Widely used, designed specifically for sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, cycling, and weightlifting. It is also suitable for long-term editing work on computers, as well as work, driving, carrying, and similar activities.

Colors: black, purple, red, gray (breathable fabric)
Material: Lycra, foam rubber, polyester fiber

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