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Survival Whistle Portable High Decibel

Survival Whistle Portable High Decibel

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7 in 1 Survival Whistle Safety Whistle For Outdoor Camping Hiking Emergency Tool SOS Compass Light Thermometer Magnifier Tools

100% Brand New and High Quality.
1. ABS high-strength anti-fall high temperature engineering materials. Small size, easy to carry, powerful.
2. Built-in whistle, flashlight, magnifying glass, sealed compartment, thermometer, mirror, compass, seven functions.
3. Magnifying glass, in the case of no fire, can be focused. Mirrors can be revitalized using the principle of reflection.
4. Compass, high accuracy, at a glance. Standard high decibel survival whistle. LED flashlight, no light premise, emergency lighting system.
5. Thermometer to accurately grasp the current temperature. Survival information warehouse, can be opened, and the information is saved.

Material: ABS
Color: olive green
Size (approx.): length * diameter 9.8 * 2.9cm / 3.86 * 1.18"

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