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7# Original Soft PU Leather for Indoor/outdoor Adult Basketball Ball

7# Original Soft PU Leather for Indoor/outdoor Adult Basketball Ball

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Quality:AAA high quality

size:7#(adult basketball)




Pressure standard:7-9PSI

Applicable site:indoor/outdoor

Usage scenario:Sports, competitions, learning.

Material:Four layer material

First layer-High elastic foam medium tire

Second layer-Over glue nylon winding yarn

Third layer-High quality intermediate tire layer

fourth layer-hygroscopic skin wear resistant and durable

Ship content:basketball*1(pc) basketball tool *1(set)


When inflating, please pay attention to the air pressure and ensure that the inflation needle is lubricated to prevent damage to the air nozzle. If not used for a long time, the surface needs to be washed and wiped dry to prevent mold.

If the inflation pressure is too high, there is a risk of deformation in the basketball. If the basketball falls smoothly to the ground at a height of 182cm and bounces back 120cm, it indicates that the air pressure is normal.

Attention: PU and suede materials absorb moisture, and when the basketball is placed in water, a large number of bubbles will be generated. This is a normal phenomenon, not an air leak.

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