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500m Color Changing Fishing Line Fluorocarbon

500m Color Changing Fishing Line Fluorocarbon

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500m Color Changing Fishing Line Fluorocarbon Coat Monofilament Nylon Sea/Fresh Water Carp Wire Leader Line Fishing Accessories

The tension value is for reference only, and there may be certain losses during actual use

Size Information:


Line Number: 0.18mm -7.0LB


Line Number:0.20mm -8.4LB


Line Number: 0.25mm- 13.64LB


Line Number:0.30mm- 18.28LB

Line Number:0.35mm-22.04LB


Line Number:0.40mm- 30.62LB



Product Detail:


Model: color changing Fishing Line


Length:500 meters


Material:   Fluorocarbon Coated


Color Options:Purple green color change, Clear


1, 2021 New Advanced Nano technology - the smooth super line.


2, Main Line Purple green color change Optical Technology disign.


3, Long and fast casting - smoother than ever


4, Super sensitivity - instant feel for structure and strikes


5, Exceptional strength and toughness



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